You can rent a car during your stay in Bethlehem, you will have 2 options where you can rent a car from Palestine (Westbank) or Israel. Before going to that 2 options, you should understand that Israel and Palestine are 2 different regions, separated by checkpoints. Israeli cars can move all the way between Palestine and Israel, but Palestinian cars cannot drive within Israeli areas.


Renting a car from Palestine:

  • Must be pre-arranged
  • Car pick up is from Bethlehem, so you will get your rental car once you arrive in Bethlehem, and here I explain how you can come to Bethlehem, starting from Tel Aviv airport until you arrive at the apartment.
  • You can drive ONLY within Palestinian cities, and also Dead Sea.


Renting a car from Israel:

  • Must be booked online before your time of your trip
  • Collect of cars is available at the airport
  • Please note if you choose to rent an Israeli car, the car insurance is not covered within Palestinian cities, so if your plan is visiting Palestine only, then I suggest renting a Palestinian car.


Based on your plan, please choose where to get your rental car from.

Lastly, Israel has yellow driving plates, while the West Bank has white ones.