A famous and important spring, with plenty of water throughout the year, located in the center of the village. It springs from the mountains, and flows from two openings into what the villagers call the “bathroom.” It is a small pool, resembling a cave.

The building of Al-Ain was renewed and developed by Hassan Mustafa, one of the famous men of the village in the year 1950, and he built a beautiful and healthy building for it that protects it from pollution, facilitates its use, and increases its utilization.

Al-Ain water is transported in canals, some of which date back to the Roman era, and were renewed in later eras, to a medium-sized pool in which the village youth swim, and its water is used for agriculture.

What is interesting about these channels is the arch, which was built in the form of an arch, over which the water flows and flows, in the form of a beautiful waterfall, into the pond.