Manger Sqaure


(059) 954-9472

Check-In: 4:30pm – 10pm


Dar Jacaman Apartments


Manger Square

Behind Bethlehem Municipality

بيت لحم

ساحة المهد

خلف بلدية بيت لحم


Check-In: 03:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Check-Out: 12:00 pm
Instructions are listed inside the apartment

Watch the video to walk from Manger Square to Dar Jacaman

Follow These Photos To Find The Apartment

When you arrive to Manger Square and you can see Church of the Nativity (Photos 1,2,3), please look around you to see Bethlehem Municipality (Photo 4), and then go toward St. George Restaurant (Photo 5), go to the corner until you find Dar Jacaman (Photo 6,7), go down the stairs (about 10-stairs) shown on photo 7 until you see the apartment (Photo 8,9,10)