You can rent a car during your stay in Bethlehem, you will have 2 options where you can rent a car from Palestine (West bank) or Israel. Before going to that 2 options, you should understand that Israel and Palestine are 2 different regions, separated by checkpoints. Israeli cars can move all the way between Palestine and Israel, but Palestinian cars can drive only within Palestine cities.


Renting a car from Palestine:

  • Must be pre-arranged
  • Car pick up is from Bethlehem, so you will get your rental car once you arrive in Bethlehem, and here I explain how you can come to Bethlehem, starting from Tel Aviv airport until you arrive at the apartment.
  • You can drive ONLY within Palestinian cities, and also Dead Sea.


Renting a car from Israel:

  • Must be booked online before your time of your trip
  • Collect of cars is available at the airport
  • Please note if you choose to rent an Israeli car, the car insurance is not covered within Palestinian cities, so if your plan is visiting Palestine only, then I suggest renting a Palestinian car.

Renting a car for Israel and Palestine:

Also there is a company which is located in Israel, that can rent cars which can be driven in Israel and Palestine, with insurance is covered whether you are in Israel or in Palestine.


Note: you could be scammed by guys on the way when driving with Israeli car in Palestine area and around the borders, you can just ignore them or tell them I want to call the cups, for example: they could tell you that you cannot go with Israeli car to Palestine, or you need to park the Israeli car on the border, or tell you that the Palestinian people could harm the car. You can ignore them, all of that just trying to get money from you, as I explained before, you can tell them “I want to call the cups to check what you are saying”.